ABC 2022 Eagle Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Bruce Lee

Each year the “Eagle Lifetime Achievement Award” is presented to an individual from our community for his or her lifetime contributions to the North Alabama construction industry. The recipient of this prestigious award has enhanced the image of construction, demonstrated the value of the free-enterprise system, and has proven to peers that integrity and business ethics are the true measures of success. There is no greater honor than to be chosen by one’s peers and recognized for a career of distinguished accomplishments and dedication to excellence in construction.

This year's winner is Mr. Bruce Lee of Lee Builders, Inc. The team at Lee Builders nominated Bruce, saying that "he embodies the characteristics needed to be considered for the Eagle Lifetime Achievement Award. Because this award has only been issued to a very distinguished group of people, nominating candidates should not be taken lightly. We feel Bruce Lee has a proven track record that represents the outstanding characteristics of an Eagle Award recipient."

Bruce started his career as a carpenter in the early 1970’s and quickly became a project superintendent for a commercial general contractor. Following that, he started his own small construction company as a sole proprietor.

In 1984, Bruce started Lee Builders, Inc. along with his brother, Jeff, and their father, Jack. Brother Bobby would join the company a couple years later. For the past 38 years, Lee Builders has continued to grown and work in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee, maintaining a reputation for ethics, integrity, and quality under Bruce’s leadership.

Bruce conducts business with the highest level of integrity and ethics. This is illustrated by the way he treats everyone. Clients, owners, employees, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers will all attest to the reputation Bruce has maintained over the years. Sean Lee, Vice President of Lee Builders, had these things to say about Bruce in his nomination:

I've worked closely with Bruce for over 25 years, both in the field and in the office. I have witnessed hundreds of decisions in private settings that prove he is a man of integrity. For example, during the craziness of a bid day and the days following a bid, many contractors and suppliers lose all sense of integrity and ethics. Bruce has maintained the ethical and fair treatment of all subcontractors and suppliers, even when significant financial gains could have otherwise been achieved. Choosing the lowest, responsive, and qualified bid that was submitted on time is how Bruce operates. Bid shopping and sharing information is not tolerated. Bruce handles subcontractors and supplier proposals the way he expects owners and architects to treat the proposals we turn in when the doors are closed.

Bruce has always treated employees respectfully, fairly, and provided career growth opportunities. This is very evident by the long-term loyalty of the Lee Builders team. Bruce’s leadership style is opposite of a micro-manager. Bruce guides and points employees in the right direction, then steps aside and expects them to do their jobs. But he is always right behind them with all the support they will ever need. This leadership style has allowed many employees to grow their careers at Lee Builders. Many of the folks in leadership positions were at one time laborers, carpenters, or helpers who have been given the chance to grow their careers. Maintaining a good culture and treating people fairly is evident by the longevity of employees who have worked at Lee Builders.

Bruce shows his belief in the principles of the Merit Shop through his actions, decisions, and support of ABC. Lee Builders has been a member of ABC for over 20 years. Bruce served for several years as a Board Member of North Alabama. He encourages and allows his employees to participate in the Chapter through service to the board and through training and education, as well as the Future Leaders program. Bruce has sponsored, supported, and participated in many ABC functions throughout the years because he believes in the ABC philosophy.

Please join us as we congratulate Mr. Bruce Lee as the 2022 ABC North Alabama Eagle Lifetime Achievement Award Winner!